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The Supernatural & Paranormal Society was formed in order to gather and investigate any evidence of the “Unknown”.
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The Supernatural & Paranormal Society was founded in 1881 at the beginning of the ‘Age of Spiritualism’ as a way to evaluate the many who claimed to be able to contact and communicate with the dead.

Originally the founders, Albert Williams & John Alexander, two physicians from London had come together in 1878 in order to disprove the existence of the paranormal and the claims made by Psychic mediums or as they called them ‘Charlatans’.
Both had suffered loss in their lives, with the most recent being the sudden loss of Alexander’s young daughter Rosie 6 years prior.
The pair intended to prove that all mediums were Charlatans and any claim that the human soul could remain after death and did not pass onto a better place as pure fantasy.

For the first 2 years they uncovered many “Charlatans” and found very little in the way of proof that was not explainable by science.

In October 1880, American medium Amelia Gabriel came to London to conduct seances with many of the great and good of London high society.
She found favour and word of the success of her spiritual seances and the accuracy of the information she imparted spread.

In January of 1881 Willams and Alexander requested her to appear at a private dinner party, in which they, their Spouses and a few close family would be in attendance.

The aim was to show her to be a charlatan by feeding her false information of Williams’ “deceased” brother, who was actually alive and seated at the table.
Amelia started her séance as she would any other by getting everyone seated at the table  to hold hands as she entered into a trance in order to contact the spirits.
Williams and Alexander were astounded as she instantly called them out on their deception and continued on in her trance state to inform the party that a little girl had come forward and wanted to speak to John and his wife, who had decided to stand at the side as she was too scared to take part in the seance.

Over the period of 5 minutes Amelia conveyed information from Alexander’s deceased daughter Rosie that she could never have known or found out.
At the end of the five minutes as the party and spirit said their goodbyes, the deceased girl visually manifested by her father’s side and placed her hand on his shoulder before dematerialising.

At this point Amelia came out of her trance to be greeted by a room full of shocked faces.

Williams & Alexander were dumbfounded by what they had just witnessed and they and Amelia spent the next few hours discussing her ability, charlatans and the gentlemans original plan to expose her.

It was decided that night that Amelia would join the gentlemen to help prove the existence of the supernatural and the paranormal.

They formed the Supernatural & Paranormal Society to evaluate any claims of evidence.
By the early 1900’s at the time of both Williams and Alexander’s passing the S.P.S was the largest, most well respected evaluator of proof of the existence of the Supernatural and paranormal in the world.
They had exposed over 3,000 charlatans, investigated over 10,000 supernatural or paranormal claims.
The S.P.S is still the largest society of its kind. They now evaluate over 5,000,000 claims a year.

*The Supernatural & Paranormal Society (SPS) is a fictional society created by Wrenegade Studios for the TTRPG Beyond the Veil.

Albert Williams ~
(Born February 22nd 1849 – Died July 10th 1919)


John Alexander ~
(Born December 25th 1844 – Died February 26th 1923)


Amelia Gabriel ~
(Born June 21st 1855 – Died April 12th 1941)


Died during the blitz

There have being many notable characters that have graced the walls of the Supernatural & Paranormal Society since its first inception in 1881. Here are but a few that have served.

Professor Charles Stephenson ~
(Born September 22nd 1911 – Died 19th July 1967)

The accolade of the most notable member of the SPS was one Professor Charles Stephenson. Renown for his studies into paranormal & supernatural phenomena, his journals “Proving the existence of the paranormal” are used worldwide by aspiring and accomplished investigators.
Each entry included incredibly detailed examinations of the Entities he was investigating. He was prolific in his investigations and his journals include some 200 plus different entities from around the world including legendary entities.

Many paranormal investigators still carry a copy of his journals to this day to help them decipher the entities they are dealing with.

He joined the SPS in 1938 with one of his first official investigations at Borley Rectory at the invite of the tenant at the time who had made a plea to local societies and universities for anyone who would like to live in the “most haunted house in England” for a year.

A devout historian, Charles taught history at the University of Woldchester until his sudden and mysterious disappearance.

Charles was working on his biggest case at the time of his disappearance from his home in July 1967. Extensive searches were made but no clues were ever found. Some say that he died of Spontaneous human combustion as the only evidence that looked out of place was a scorch mark in his study in the shape of a human outline.
Authorities refuted this as no evidence of human material was left behind.

Titus Gee
(Born November 1st 1874 – Died April 12th 1950)

Born in Mississippi in 1874, and an accomplished hunter throughout the early 1900s, Titus Gee, also known as “Granite Gee” became the foremost expert on cryptozoology at the SPS following the mysterious disappearance of his fiancée.

Gee grew up in a family of hunters and learned to hunt and trap at a young age. He eventually became known as one of the best hunters in the South. Despite facing discrimination and segregation during the Jim Crow era, Gee became a successful businessman and hunter. He sold animal pelts and meat to local markets and restaurants, and was also hired by wealthy clients as a hunting guide. He even appeared in several hunting magazines and was known throughout the South as a skilled and respected hunter.

Gee stood at 6 feet tall and weighed around 200 pounds. He was known for his physical strength and endurance, which he developed through his many years of hunting and outdoor work. He was also known for his sharp eyesight and steady hand, which allowed him to take down game with great accuracy. Gee’s hunting skills were not limited to just small game. He was known to take down large predators such as bears and panthers with just a knife or his bare hands, earning him his nickname. He also became skilled in tracking and could follow a trail for miles, making him an invaluable asset for hunting parties.

Following the loss of his betrothed, Millie, Gee was convinced that she had been taken by a Chupacabra, a creature he had claimed to have witnessed on several occasions previously. Ridiculed and thought to be mad with grief, or guilty of Millie’s disappearance himself, Gee began his hunt for the creature. Through various contacts of like mind, he eventually came to the attention of the SPS who quickly hired him to lead their expeditions. The success of which are locked deep within the archives.

His eventual passing on April 12th 1950 (the anniversary of Millie’s disappearance) was a huge loss to the SPS and his statue still stands at the entrance to the Cryptid museum.

His final words were “Maybe I’ll finally find my Millie now”.

Mr Alien Hunter



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*DISCLAIMER: The Supernatural & Paranormal Society is a fictional society created for the table top roleplaying game “Beyond the Veil”