An RPG trilogy all about the unknown.

An RPG trilogy all about the unknown.

An RPG trilogy all about the unknown.

The veil trilogy

Wrenegade studios plans to bring you 3 unique, exciting and terrifying tabletop roleplaying games all set in the same universe and connected so the games can be played together.

Each of the games is set within the real world with fantasy elements, drawing inspiration from the paranormal, supernatural and the unknown.

As a team or alone, if you are brave enough? you will investigate, track down and hunt Entities, cryptids, fabled creatures from folk lore and other worldly beings.

Using an array of specialist real life and fantasy equipment to aid you along the way. As you complete the investigations your reputation in your field will increase leading to your character gaining new skills and talents, abilities and equipment, As well as leading to more advanced gameplay and tougher targets.

“The veil trilogy” of games aims to put you right at the heart of your favourite ghost stories, urban legends and mysterious sightings as you and your friends battle your fears.

Part 1 - Haunted: Beyond the veil

Currently in development

Investigate the paranormal and put your bravery to the test against the entities from beyond the veil. Discover their reason for returning and help them to resolve unfinished business… or do what you must to placate the presence.

Part 2 - Fabled: Lifting the veil


Hunt creatures of legend and folklore in Fabled. Delve into the wilderness in search of Bigfoot or deep below the cold waters of Loch Ness in search of The Monster… if you dare. There are countless tales of things that go bump in the night… together, you can shine a light on them all.

Part 3 - Existence: Piercing the veil


Life beyond the stars in the infinite void of space is beyond question. Whether they have ever visited our tiny corner of the Universe is explored in Existence: Piercing the Veil. Join forces with like-minded xenophiles to befriend visitors from space… or defend our home from alien invaders!

Disclaimer: All information provided on this page is subject to change as development of ‘Haunted: Beyond the veil’ progresses.