Who and what are the S.P.S?

The Supernatural & Paranormal Society* (SPS) was founded in 1885 at the beginning of the Victorian seance trend as a way to evaluate the many who claimed to be able to contact and communicate with the dead.

Originally the founders, Albert Williams & John Alexander, two physicians from London had come together in 1882 in order to disprove the existence of the paranormal and the claims made by Psychic mediums.
Both had suffered loss in their lives, with the most recent being the sudden loss of Alexander’s young daughter Rosie 6 years prior.
The pair intended to prove that all mediums were Charlatans and any claim that the human soul could remain after death and did not pass onto a better place as pure fantasy.

For the first 2 years they uncovered many “Charlatans” and found very little in the way of proof that was not explainable by science.

In October 1884, American medium Amelia Gabriel came to London to conduct seances with many of the great and good of London high society.
She found favour and word of the success of her spiritual seances and the accuracy of the information she imparted spread.

John Alexander

In January of 1885 Willams and Alexander requested her to appear at a private dinner party, in which they, their Spouses and a few close family would be in attendance.

The aim was to show her to be a charlatan by feeding her false information of Williams’ “deceased” brother, who was actually alive and seated at the table.
Amelia started her seance as she would any other by getting everyone seated at the table to hold hands as she entered into a trance in order to contact the spirits.
Williams and Alexander were astounded as she instantly called them out on their deception and continued on in her trance state to inform the party that a little girl had come forward and wanted to speak to John and his wife, who had decided to stand at the side as she was too scared to take part in the seance.

Over the period of 5 minutes Amelia conveyed information from Alexander’s deceased daughter Rosie that she could never have known or found out.
At the end of the five minutes as the party and spirit said their goodbyes, the deceased girl visually manifested by her father’s side and placed her hand on his shoulder before dematerialising.

At this point Amelia came out of her trance to be greeted by a room full of shocked faces.

Williams & Alexander were dumbfounded by what they had just witnessed and they and Amelia spent the next few hours discussing her ability, charlatans and the gentlemans original plan to expose her.

It was decided that night that Amelia would join the gentlemen to help prove the existence of the supernatural and the paranormal.

They formed the Supernatural & Paranormal Society to evaluate any claims of evidence.
By the late 1800’s at the time of both Williams and Alexander’s passing the S.P.S was the largest, most well respected evaluator of proof of the existence of the Supernatural and paranormal in the world.
They had exposed over 3,000 charlatans, investigated over 10,000 supernatural or paranormal claims.
The S.P.S is still the largest society of its kind. They now evaluate over 5,000,000 claims a year.

Albert Williams

How does the SPS work in Haunted?

The Supernatural & paranormal society are your main source of available investigations, paranormal equipment and also where you will submit any evidence of the paranormal that you discover.

When you begin your first game of “Haunted: Beyond the veil” your character starts off with a smartphone with the SPS application installed.
This application serves as your portal to investigation boards, the online store and also your public profile.

As you gather evidence of the paranormal you and your team choose which evidence you wish to submit to the SPS for grading by uploading it to your profile.
Once uploaded it will be available on your profile for anyone to see. The more views your evidence gain the more your reputation and revenue increases.

How does reputation work?

Reputation is your way of showing how much experience you have in paranormal investigations.
As your reputation grows you will gain access to new investigations, skill & talents and more reward.

How do I increase my reputation?

Reputation is gained on successful completion of an investigation. It can also be gained by the standard of the evidence you capture.

How do we earn rewards?

Monetary rewards are earned in 2 ways; via payment from a client or through revenue generated via views of your submitted evidence on the SPS Website/mobile application.

Are there any other rewards?

Item rewards can be gained either by finding them, as gifts or by sponsorship (Higher level characters).

SPS Acceptance letter

Late 19th century headquarters

Amelia Gabriel leading a seance

Amelia Gabriel

Disclaimer: All information provided on this page is subject to change as development of ‘Haunted: Beyond the veil’ progresses.

*The Supernatural & paranormal society are a fictional organisation created for the purposes of the game.
Supernatural & paranormal Society (S.P.S) are copyright of Wrenegade Studios 2021.