How do investigations work?

As a team you will be investigating a variety of locations from public places such as cemeteries, graveyards, schools and hospitals, to abandoned buildings and clients homes and places of work. There is no limit to the locations you will be asked to investigate.

There are essentially two types of investigation for you and your team; for a client and without a client. These two variations of an investigation work in a slightly different way which is explained below.

Your main goal when investigating on behalf of a client is to find a resolution that best fits both the client and, when possible, the entity.
Your client will pay a reward upon completion of their set resolutions, you may find the client has 1 or more issues or questions they would like resolving.
If you manage to capture evidence of the paranormal your team may receive a bonus reward and reputation.

When investigating a location without a client, such as an abandoned building, your main goal and source of reward and reputation will be to capture evidence of the paranormal. In these circumstances there are no set resolutions to end an investigation but this does not mean your team will not uncover clues that may lead them to resolve issues on behalf of the entity. In instances such as this there is an increased chance of capturing higher graded evidence of the paranormal.

Choosing your investigation

There are a few different ways in which your team can find your next investigation.

Leads given to you by the GM.

Your GM will present your team with information regarding investigations that may be available to your team. Leads can come from many places including clients from investigations you have worked on before who have passed on your information, people who have seen the evidence you have presented to the S.P.S and have contacted you personally, people you have talked to whilst investigating or between investigations (it always pays to talk to and listen to as many people as you come into contact with). As well as many other places.

Searching the available leads on the S.P.S website.

When there are no leads for you to follow, the S.P.S website is one of the best places to find investigations, although the clients will be looking for a team with a good reputation.

Your GM will be able to inform you of any available investigations; including the difficulty level, the potential reward and reputation and the back story.

Following the Haunted main story arc.

Haunted: Beyond the veil has a main story arc that your team can follow to a Conclusion. It is recommended that your team break up this arc using the two options listed above to help build your reputation, earn some money to spend on better equipment and also gain some experience investigating different locations and entities to help broaden your knowledge of the paranormal before trying to complete the main story.

EMF meter detects a change in the electro magnetic field as a strange shadow appears on the stairs during the investigation of an abandoned nursing home.
- location unknown (2003)

Investigation resolutions

Investigations can come with issues or questions attached that a client will request you to resolve or answer.
A client may be prepared to pay you more for any resolution you successfully achieve as well as helping to boost your reputation by singing your praises to other potential clients.
On some investigations where a client is not involved your team may uncover information that leads to an unrequested resolution, these will not be directly rewarded by monetary gain but can lead to the capturing of evidence that will result in a higher reward.

Here are some examples of issues or questions you may be asked to resolve;

  • Who is haunting our property?
  • What is haunting the location?
  • Who killed the entity and why?
  • Can you make the entity leave?
  • Why is the entity haunting us?
  • Is the entity benevolent or malevolent?

Each time there are issues and questions that need resolving for a client your GM will make you aware of them and the reward attached during the ‘choosing your investigation’ stage.
You may also discover other information that leads to a resolution during an investigation for a client so make sure to make notes and pass on your resolution to a client as this may lead to bonus rewards.

Resolutions DO NOT have to all be achieved in order to finish an investigation. Your team may choose to ignore some or all of the issues and questions of the client altogether as they may clash with your teams moral compass, for example; the client has asked your team to remove an entity from the location but upon conversing with the entity you discover that they are benevolent and do not wish any harm upon the client or their family and just want to remain in their childhood home. So your team takes the option of not completing that request and chooses to either tell the client they didn’t wish to remove the entity or lie and tell the client they couldn’t.

In other cases you may discover that the client helped bring on the death of the entity that is at the location and the entity passes on information that leads to evidence of an act of harm being found and therefore your team chooses to side with the entity and pass the evidence onto the authorities rather than communicate their findings to the client.

You may also find that there is nothing to resolve and that any notion of a haunting can be explained by natural or man made phenomenon.

What to do with evidence

Any evidence that you or your group capture is sent to the Supernatural & Paranormal Society, aka the S.P.S, for evaluation.

Evidence will be graded and reward and reputation will be awarded to your team.

Click here for more information on the S.P.S.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this page is subject to change as development of ‘Haunted: Beyond the veil’ progresses.