In this section, we look at the gameplay of Haunted: Beyond the veil as it unfolds according to this basic pattern:

How to play


The GM tells the players where their characters are and what’s around them, describing the options that present themselves (how many doors lead out of a room, what’s on a table, how dark the room is, and so on).


Sometimes one player speaks for the whole party, saying, “We’ll head to the first floor” for example. Other times, different investigators do different things: one investigator might set up cameras while a second examines an old photograph on a wall and a third uses an EMF meter to take base levels of electromagnetic frequencies in each room .The players don’t need to take turns, but the GM listens to every player and decides how to resolve those actions.


Sometimes, resolving a task is easy. If an investigator wants to walk across a room and open a door, the GM might just say that the door opens and describe what lies beyond. But the door might be locked, or obscured by debris, or some other circumstance might make it challenging for an investigator to complete a task. In those cases, the GM decides what happens, often relying on the roll of a die to determine the results of an action.

Describing the results often leads to another decision point, which brings the flow of the game right back to step 1. This pattern holds whether the investigators are exploring an abandoned hospital, using a ouija board, or confronted by an apparition. In an action phase the gameplay is more structured and the players (and GM) do take turns choosing and resolving actions. But most of the time, play is fluid and flexible, adapting to the circumstances of the investigation.

The phases of play

Haunted is broken up into 4 phases of play that cover different time frames and action periods during gameplay to help keep the flow of the game moving and prevent stalling.

Setup phase
Which is measured in hours and covers the large portion of the general investigation.

    • Investigate – spend an hour researching a room/the environment/the internet.
    • Install – set up the equipment used to detect an entity.
    • Analyse – Draw conclusions from the data collected from equipment/information gleaned from investigations.
    • Interact – spend time interacting with the environment/NPCs/Entities.
    • Assist – help someone with another task

Action phase
Measured in seconds to cover times when there is a large amount of activity.

    • React
    • Respond
    • Act
    • Assist

Resolution phase
At the end of the investigation (which can come at any time based on players) the group can attempt to resolve the investigation using the information gained.

Conclusion phase
Following the resolution, the party recovers their items if possible and leaves. The GM then should ask the following questions to determine any potential reputation gain:

    • Did the group resolve the investigation completely?
    • Did the group find out useful/important information about the entity?
    • Did the group gather any evidence?

The game dice

Life is full of challenges, from the simplest of mundane tasks to the greatest of human achievements, but nothing is guaranteed. Whether your character can kick open a locked door or communicate with an otherworldly being is at the whim of the dice allocated to their abilities. Over time, and with experience, new skills can be learned to assist with these tests and one should never underestimate the power of teamwork.

Reality checks represent the majority of rolls within Haunted: Beyond the Veil:

  1. ROLL THE DICE POOL associated with the relevant ability for the task at hand.

  2. ADD SKILL RANKS to the result of the roll.

  3. If a teammate is assisting DECIDE whose ROLL and RANKS to use.

  4. COMPARE THE RESULT TO THE TARGET – The GM decides the Reality Check threshold and the resulting actions success or failure may result in more rolls or new situations to resolve.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this page is subject to change as development of ‘Haunted: Beyond the veil’ progresses.