Building your paranormal world

Haunted is a free building RPG that allows for any environment, location and circumstance. The GM can find inspiration from anywhere and incorporate that into their story to build their world.

Finding inspiration

Whether you are a horror film aficionado, enjoy your horror novels and stories, love to watch paranormal investigations on streaming services and television or even if none of the previously listed are your thing, there is inspiration all around you.

Environments & locations

As the GM you can use your own environment and locations or build a world from your imagination or inspired by popular culture.
Sometimes the scariest investigations can take place in places that are familiar to you and your players. For instance you can build an investigation in the house or location that you are playing ‘Haunted’.

Creating atmosphere

Haunted: Beyond the Veil is a game best played in a dimly lit room using different resources to help you create a spooky atmosphere.
Here are a few ideas to help you create the perfect game environment:

  • Dim the lights or place a dim lamp on the table or playing surface.
  • Use soundboards or the “Haunted application” See Componants and accessories.
  • Use props to help you.
  • Record verbal interactions yourself, or use friends, to respond or interact with your players.
  • Use a voice changer to mimic different voices.

Making an investigation location

Once you have the idea for your location, whether it be a suburban house, a rural farmhouse or an old abandoned asylum, it’s time to decide on your layout and floor plan.
Do you want to have mulitple floors, an area outside to explore, secret areas the options are endless.

Once you have your location created it’s time to fill it with everything that location would have, whether that be a fully furnished home or debris scattered amongst the ruins.


Some investigations will also require non-player characters, that the GM roleplays, they could be the homeowner, people living in an abandoned house or people in the area to interact with.

Roleplay in 'Haunted'

Is it important to roleplay

Roleplay is not necessary to enjoy the ‘Haunted’ experience but it will definitely enrich your gameplay experience.

Getting into the character of your investigator, NPC’s or embodying the entity will help in creating the overall atmosphere of your game and add to the spookiness you and your fellow players feel.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this page is subject to change as development of ‘Haunted: Beyond the veil’ progresses.