Delve deeper in to the Haunted Universe

Take your Haunted experience to the next level with our planned expansions, each expansion will add and expand upon the ‘Haunted’ universe.

Each book will add new entities, skill, talents, mechanics and so much more to help you bring your paranormal worlds to life.

The core rule books will be needed to play with these expansions.

Deluxe expansion box set (mock up)

Phantasmagorical - Victorian expansion

Phantasmagorical takes you back to the victorian age in search of the paranormal during a time of spiritual awakening. Groups gather around tables hoping to contact the dead with the help of spiritual mediums, seances become the new party trick and societies solely dedicated to proving the existence of the paranormal and the afterlife spring up around the world.

Gone are video cameras, motion detectors, emf devices and all the usual ghost detection equipment you are used to, as you step back to a time of invention and spiritualism.

Get together around the table with your friends, and travel back in time to the birth of the paranormal investigator with “Phantasmagorical” an expansion for “Haunted: Beyond the veil”.

The Otherside - Combat expansion

The Otherside takes you and your team onto the ethereal plane, leaving your earthly bodies behind as you transcend beyond the veil into the realm of the dead.

Investigations will only get you so far in this action packed combat rules expansion as you wander in the darkness searching for the light.

The Otherside adds all new rules and equipment that will help you in your fight against the entities that stand in your way. Be warned though there is death beyond death.

Legion - Daemon expansion

Daemons come in many different forms and this expansion for “Haunted: Beyond the veil” expands upon the Daemon entity found in the “Enity guide” core rule book.

Along with the addition of many more Daemons there will also be new lore, equipment, investigation techniques, skills and talents to help you deal with the legion of malevolent entities you are now faced with.

“Legion” will also be compatible with “The otherside” expansion with the inclusion of combat statistics for each new Daemon allowing your team to take the fight to them in their own back yard.

Legacy - Epic level expansion

Legacy introduces epic levels to “Haunted: Beyond the veil” expanding beyond the level 20 cap of the core rule books.

Legacy will also introduce new skills, talents, ability increases & proficiencies to take your character development further.

Based on the journal of Professor Charles Stephenson “Proving the existence of the paranormal”, legacy adds rich new lore to the ‘Haunted’ universe.

The Hidden vaults - Equipment expansion

When you delve deeper in to the ‘Supernatural & paranormal society’ vaults it’s amazing what secrets you may find.

“The Hidden vaults” expansion adds perculiar, long forgotten, futuristic and just plain weird items and equipment to your game.

There were rumours of a contraption that could contain an entity just by firing a futuristic proton rifle at it and dragging it into a box like trap.
Open up your ‘Haunted’ universe to all new possibilities with this equipment expansion.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this page is subject to change as development of ‘Haunted: Beyond the veil’ progresses.