What are entities?

Entities are any manifestation of the paranormal, for example; Ghosts, Spirits, Daemons and Hellions.

Why are they called entities and not just ‘Ghosts’?

The Ghost is a specific entity in ‘Haunted: Beyond the veil’ with it’s own traits.
We also felt referring to certain entities, such as a Daemon, as a ghost was not the correct description.

Each entity has been documented in the journal “Proving the existence of the paranormal” by Professor Charles Stephenson*. The journal entries he made during his investigations will help investigators determine the entity they are dealing with.

How many entities are there in 'Haunted'?

At present there are roughly 50 types of entity type from all around the world and more being added.
We aim to include as many entities as possible that span all cultures and tales from folklore to allow you to experience ‘Haunted’ where ever you are in the world.

Legendary entities

Taken from famous ‘Ghost stories’ from around the world we are including ‘enities’ that are well known, either through tales, sightings or popular culture.
These ‘Legendary entities are more powerful than your standard entity and will take a lot more tracking down and investigation to be able to find.

So if you have wondered what would happen if you called ‘Bloody Mary’ into the mirror 3 times, wandered in the woods searching for ‘Slender man’ or wondered what would happen if you heard the crying wails of the white lady ‘La Llorona’ and many more, then grab yourself a spare pair of underwear and strap in for some fear inducing roleplay.

Benevolent or malevolent

Entities in the game are described as either benevolent or malevolent in nature and this is your way of knowing whether an entity is essentially good or wishes you ill will.

A benevolent entity is more inclined to be peaceful, whereas a malevolent enity is more likely to try and cause harm or mental distress.

Photo of a supposed Banshee - Professor C.Stephenson (1967)
Photo of a 'Spirit' - Profoessor C.Stephenson (1969)

Creating custom entities

All entities have a story, usually these are tragic or horrific. When creating a custom entity it is a great place to start, by asking themselves ‘why’, a GM can begin to reverse engineer the story to build up a picture of their entities attitude and intentions.

How do entities work during gameplay?

Entities are under the control of the GM, they act as a central point for the players to interact with the current investigation. They can be benevolent, malevolent or even unaware of their persistence in this world. Through a series of random tables and player driven triggers, a GM can run an entity without planning every eventuality… of course the system’s framework should never get in the way of narrative freedom!

Discovering the intentions of an entity

An entity can persist for many reasons, it is the player’s job to discover the ‘why’ through the analysis of evidence as presented by the entity. This could be physical proof of what happened to them in life, a lost journal page or a murder weapon perhaps. The ultimate proof, however, comes in the form of interaction with the entity itself. Be careful though, not all entities are happy to share.

How do I resolve an investigation?

To bring a haunting to a close, the players need to take what they have learned about the entity and use that knowledge to help them move on. Justice for a wrong committed, banishment to prevent further harm or simply understanding and listening can be powerful tools in an investigator’s playbook but certainly not an exclusive list!

What to do once you have completed an investigation.

Throughout an investigation the players will gather multiple pieces of paranormal evidence as proof of their encounter. Other than the monetary gain this may provide, they will also gain reputation among the community, this experience boosts their ability to perform and may even secure them more work.

For more information check out ‘Reward & reputation‘ on the ‘Supernatural & Paranormal Society’ (SPS) page.

Who is Professor Charles Stephenson?

Born in 1906. Charles earnt his doctorate in History and went on to teach history at Woldchester University.
Later in his life he became fascinated with proving the existence of the paranormal. He subsequently cited this fascination on the seances his mother would hold at their house when he was a small child.

His unfinished journal and thesis ‘Proving the existence of the paranormal’ were later discovered in his study at his home after his death (from unusual circumstances) in 1973.
The journal described over 200 investigations into paranormal cases that he had conducted between the years 1967-1973. They included multiple entities, his experiences, polaroid images and sketches.

Charles never did get to present his thesis but it is viewed as the definitive resource of the supernatural by paranormal investigators around the world.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this page is subject to change as development of ‘Haunted: Beyond the veil’ progresses.

*Professor Charles Stephenson is a fictional character created by Wrenegade Studios.