Creating your first investigator

Form part of a crack-team of investigators, delving into the paranormal. Take on the role of an adventurous archaeologist, an eccentric physicist, the medium from a TV show or whatever you like!

Haunted: Beyond the Veil supports a wide variety of character choices enabling players to create any investigator they want. Through a combination of occupations, specialisations, skills and talents; players can create themselves or their favourite influences from fact and fiction with ease.


A characters ability to perform certain actions are broken up in to 6 different stats;

Represents a character’s control over their own body. Their strength and dexterity both form aspects of their overall physical presence as does their ability to use those facets to influence others.

Determines a character’s overall command of their faculties. Whether general knowledge and intelligence or common sense and wisdom, this ability covers anything they can think of.

A character’s ability to influence and interact with others as well as their overall force of personality and how they present themselves to the wider world.

Whether or not a character struggles to open their emails, let alone perform upgrades to complicated equipment. This also covers a character’s ability to use machines and equipment in general.

Governs a character’s ability to sense things beyond the common five senses. Whether as passive empathy or actual psychic powers, these characters are more in tune with the energy of the universe than most.

The way in which a character perceives the physical world around them, this ability summarises the standard mundane sensory input available to an individual.

Assigning your abilities dice

Abilities are assigned one of six dice (d20, d12, d10, d8, d6 and d4) to determine a character’s level of expertise.

These dice may be upgraded during the levelling mechanic and may receive temporary increases as a result of a talent in specific situations.


Skills represent the variety of competence that a character has. Each one has a core ability that determines the basic chance of success when making a check against a skill. As characters progress they can increase the ranks held in any given skill to allow for dedicated expertise or a more average but broader scope of options.


Characters can gain talents during their career to provide boosts, bonuses, powers or alternative ways of using their skills. These are more situational or specific in their application but allow for greater flexibility in the development of a build. Some talents are more powerful than others, however, and these will require characters to meet the prerequisites in order to adopt them; this represents the growth in expertise that a character gains through experience and practice.


As amateur investigators, characters have an occupation that helps to shape their history and origin. With this, their starting abilities and skills can be more easily defined and a potential future path planned out. Occupations are bolstered by specialisations, a way for characters to further differentiate themselves from their peers.

The belief system

Not all investigators of the paranormal are ardent believers, a healthy dose of skepticism can be as useful a tool as a firm belief in the realm beyond the veil. Through their experiences and interactions with the entities they will meet, investigator’s belief will be tested and may change along the scale accordingly. With no ‘perfect’ place to be on the belief spectrum, there is ample opportunity for character development.


A measure of a character’s ability to withstand the physical effects of an investigation. Whether from a flying book hurled by a vengeful spirit or a fall down a flight of stairs, there are numerous ways in which a character may come to bodily harm. This also represents the inner lifeforce of a character that a malevolent entity may tap into to power their wrath, wise investigators will be prepared for anything!


Investigating the unknown is as wearing on the will as it is on the body. A character’s sanity is always being tested throughout an investigation and as it deteriorates so does their willingness to continue. Desperate characters may even end up facing a fight or flight situation if things go very badly. With the support of their fellow investigators, or a nice, calming, cup of tea, a character can restore lost sanity temporarily and reinforce their desire to continue with the investigation.


Discovering existence of the paranormal as well being able to provide proof is an important part of a character’s development. By resolving investigations and presenting evidence to the wider community they can gain increased reputation which, in turn, leads to a wider choice of cases to take on. With enough of a reputation they may even be hired to take on a legendary case with the chance for greater rewards and glory, as well as the much greater risk that goes along with it.

Levelling your investigator

As the investigators accumulate reputation they also gain levels in their chosen occupation. With this, they gain new points to use for skill ranks, unlock new specialisation features and they acquire new talents to aid them in their future investigations. They may even choose to move towards being full time investigators, setting up a base of operations and investing their earnings back into more advanced equipment, transportation or real estate.

Disclaimer: All information provided on this page is subject to change as development of ‘Haunted: Beyond the veil’ progresses.