Unidentified: (TBC)

Unidentified: (TBC)

game design by Alex Thut & Paul Thut | art by …
Tabletop role-playing game
1-6 players | time – Varied | age range – 12+

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Game description
The 3rd TTRPG game in the “From Beyond” Trilogy.
Following on from “Haunted: Beyond the veil”, “Cryptid Hunters: (TBC)” Unidentified takes our investigators even further into the world of the Paranormal, Supernatural and the unknown. 
This time your team of investigators will be tasked with tracking down Unidentified objects and beings.

More information coming soon.


  • TBC


  • Non-available at present

Release details:

Game in pre-development


Unidentified copyright 2021 Wrenegade Studios. All rights reserved.

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