Pocket Battle

Pocket Battle - game

Pocket Battle

game design by Alex Thut & Paul Thut | art by …
Deck & Dice game
1-4 players | time – 20 mins | age range – 6+

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Game description
Pocket battle is a quick easy fun game to learn for players of all ages.
Each player must draw from the deck in order to create their own 6 unit team as well as an enhancement for each unit. Each unit will have a corresponding icon on the battle dice.
The players take it in turns attacking each other until all their opponents have been defeated.

The winner is the last one standing.

Pocket Battle games currently in development:

  • Titans – Build the ultimate monster
  • Zombies – Can you survive the zombie hordes
  • Alien fleet – Build your fleet of alien ships


  • Deck (78 cards)
  • 2x battle dice


  • no media at present

Release details:

Currently in development


Pocket Battle copyright 2021 Wrenegade Studios. All rights reserved.

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