Haunted: Beyond the veil

Haunted: Beyond the veil

game design by Alex Thut & Paul Thut | art by …
Tabletop role-playing game
1-6 players | time – Varied | age range – 12+

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Game description
The 1st TTRPG game in the “From Beyond” Trilogy.

Together you and your friends must form a team of paranormal investigators and gather evidence of entities.
Set within a realistic world you must use your abilities, talents and skills along side a range of real world equipment to capture evidence and resolve paranormal activity in order to boost your reputation as investigators.
As you complete investigations you will be awarded money and improve your reputation allowing you to upgrade equipment and investigate better locations.

Haunted: Beyond the veil includes a rich campaign story but also allows you to create your own investigations.

Planned expansions:

  • Phantasmagorical – Victorian era expansion
  • The otherside – Combat expansion
  • Unnamed – Americas expansion
  • Unnamed – Asian expansion
  • Unnamed – Middle east expansion
  • Unnamed – Daemon expansion
  • Legacy – Epic level expansion


  • TBC


Release details:

Currently in development
Haunted: Beyond the veil copyright 2021 Wrenegade Studios. All rights reserved.

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