Hunt the Supernatural

Investigate the supernatural, Cryptids and beings only thought to be real in fairytales.

Beyond the Veil: Fabled

Explore the origins of famous cryptids, uncover the truth behind legendary folklore tales & discover that the things that go bump in the night really do exist in "Fabled" a supernatural roleplaying game.

Enter deep into the forest to track down the elusive Sasquatch, prepare your sonar equipment to find evidence of the Loch Ness monster, Discover the secret lair of a brood of Vampires, or capture evidence of Fairies.
In Beyond the Veil the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Beyond the Veil Fabled
Cryptid Sasquatch

What is new in Fabled?

Investigate the unknown with the added threat of the hunters becoming the hunted. Put your team of investigators deep into the wilderness with little more than their wits and ingenuity as they hunt, track and strive to survive while defending themselves from some of the less than friendly entities introduced in ‘Fabled’.

Beyond the Veil: Fabled ™ – Wrenegade Studios (2020)