Discover the Unknown

Investigate life from beyond the stars, from those that are just visiting, those that have been here living among us, those that are hidden and those that just want to go home.

Beyond the Veil: Existence

A roleplaying game all about discovering the truth about life from other worlds.

Discover the secrets of the universe and the interstellar travellers that have come to Earth. On your travels you will unearth coverups that you must unravel to discover the truth.
You will also need to detect and identify extraordinary beings from distant galaxies and take the necessary actions to either help them, hunt them or trap them.
Remember, not all life out there is intelligent!

Beyond the Veil Existence

From beyond the stars

Using technology adapted from worlds beyond our own, interact with entities with a truly alien agenda. Learn whether they are here as hostile invaders, neutral observers or even diplomats for distant civilisations. Be wary, however, while the truth is out there it may not always be apparent here on Earth.

Beyond the Veil: Existence ™ – Wrenegade Studios (2020)