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Collective Encounters

A collection of one-page encounters created during the Fall 2021 RPG Writer Workshop

Welcome to Collective Encounters!
As its title suggests, this is a collection of encounters, all of which were produced during the Fall 2021 Write Your First Encounter workshop hosted by the Storytelling Collective’s RPG Writer Workshop. This means that the majority of these encounters were written by new writers entering the ttRPG industry! Our mission at the Storytelling Collective is to make writing and publishing an empowering experience, and we’re delighted to produce this collection and introduce these creatives to you.

Each writer also designed their own encounter page, so you’ll get to enjoy a variety of voices and styles in this collection.

— The Storytelling Collective Team

Featuring work by:

Alex Thut – Wrenegade Studios
Alfredo Tarancón
Andrew Gregory
Benjamin J. Phillips
Brad Scott
Carl Öhrn
Casey Kempton
Chux (TheDeathDieClub)
Claudio G. Henze
Craig Hargraves
Daniel J. Wild
Dom Millar
Don Smith
Eddie Reyes
EN Travers
Eran Arbel
Guilherme Garcia
Hunter Stardust
Jameson McDaniel
Jared R-K
Jerrod Bacon
John Bryant
John Langen
Johnny V. Mkitarian
Joseph Morrow
Karl Arrenon
Kody Otter
Maria Andrades Sanchez
Matt Bryant
Mei Kurakake
Neal Kisor
Petra van Dam
Philip Kelly
Pierre-Olivier Gagnon
Roger Farley
Sean Wallinger
Shannon Russell
Steph Thorne
Taylor Kalvog
The Foolish Penguin
Travis Fauber
Zed No

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