Investigate the Paranormal

Enter haunted locations as a team of paranormal investigators, using the equipment available to you, discover the entities haunting the location and resolve any issues presented to you in order to grow your reputation in the field, all whilst trying to maintain your sanity.

Beyond the Veil: Haunted

Resolve hauntings and pacify the restless departed as part of a team in this paranormal investigation roleplaying game.

What if that cold spot in the hallway isn’t caused by a draft, the glass didn’t fall by itself, you didn’t kick off the bed covers in the night or the wind didn’t make the door slam shut… what if your house is haunted?

It will be your teams job to answer these questions and resolve any issues your client has. During your investigation you may discover that the client isn’t the only one with unresolved issues!

Beyond the Veil Haunted
Entity Daemon

Discover what waits 'Beyond the Veil'

Lead a team of keen amateur investigators to discover the truth behind the stories. Learn to use specialist equipment and develop the skills needed to go professional as you gather evidence of what lies beyond the veil. Through observation and interaction you’ll learn why an entity clings to this realm and what may be done to help them find peace.