Who are we?

We are all brothers or cousins who have gamed together for 30+ years, enjoying all genres of board games, RPGs, and tabletop games.

Most of us starting our gaming life playing Dungeons & Dragons at what we called “The farm”, which was a farm in the middle of rural Yorkshire, UK.
Now we are all grown up and spread around the country with our own families we play online in a group we affectionately call “The digital farm”.

The digital farm

Why choose Wrenegade Studios as your name?

We deliberated over many names, not wanting to sound too orientated to one genre rather than another. As we have plans for games that span all genres.
The reason behind the Wren part of the name:
Alex and Paul have a soft spot for the tiny Wren bird as it was their late fathers favourite animal and also the logo for his woodworking business that he ran with his brother.
Dan’s firstborn is called Wren who he affectionately calls “Wrenegade”!
So after many weeks of searching the answer was there in front of us.

From left to right – Paul, Dan & Alex

How and why did we start Wrenegade Studios?

After a 6 year campaign of Dungeons & Dragons 5e we needed a short break from all the sorcery and combat and decided to try our hand at some new games. Whilst searching for our new weekly digital farm night game we would suggest ideas of games that we should look for. As most of these searches came up blank, as there was nothing close to what we were looking to play, we all of a sudden had a list of games that were not on the market or available to play.
Cue bright idea!
Why don’t we make these games for us to play! And with that in December 2020 Alex and Paul, the brothers of the team, started researching what will become our first tabletop role-playing game “Beyond the veil”.
The more we researched the idea of creating a virtual and physical game the more we learnt about the game industry and after many weeks of painstaking brainstorming we created our own game development company ‘Wrenegade Studios”.

What are our plans?

As we mentioned above we have 30+ years of experience playing and creating games, now we would like to create something that others can enjoy as well.

Meet the Team

Alex Thut

Game Development/Author/
Digital platform game conversion

Dan Thut

marketing/ Creative director


Paul Thut

Game Development/Author/
Art & graphic design/ Social media

Weaned on D&D, Warhammer, and novels set in the Forgotten Realms or Krynn, Alex stood no chance. Now the archetypal nerd with an RPG obsession, he has embraced his fate and is at peace.

Naturally, he developed a keen appreciation for statistics and data analysis which has served him well, both professionally and, more importantly, in developing the core mechanics for Beyond the Veil. Now he spends way too much time running simulations and crunching numbers than is healthy for a married man and father of three, but games don’t make themselves… no matter how hard you wish for it!

As an ‘Ever DM’ the chance to tailor an entire rules system to his will was one Alex simply could not pass up.

Dan Thut, CCGF
“Chief Cheerleader and General Fixer”

Dan, cousin to brothers Paul & Alex, first encountered TTRPGs through the 1st Ed Red Box D&D, back in the day. Most memorable event included a PC death due to an innocent exploding cucumber. More recently, four (count them), four consecutive natural 1s led to my 5e Bard accidentally killing our party’s obnoxious Dwarf Fighter. It’s the least he deserved.

Dan is much less involved in the development of ‘Beyond the Veil’ than the brothers, but leans in to the project in many ways.

Paul is the eldest of the team and therefore should know better, but as time has told… he doesn’t!

The “creative” one of the bunch and the one that comes up with random ideas, mechanics and rules at 3am in the morning and drops them on everyone the next morning for them to work out the “finer details”.

With a background in art, graphic design and day dreaming, although self taught in all of them, Paul is responsible for most of the visuals.

Paul’s rogue was also the recipient of the exploding cucumber!

"We want to create games
that bring people together
the way they did for us."