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Unveil the secrets hidden from the ordinary world, the enigmatic phenomena that arise in the darkness, the cosmic entities that reach out to us, and the unverified mysteries that beg the question: do we truly have no evidence?

Unite your team and embark on a captivating journey “Beyond the Veil,” where you will explore uncharted territories and unravel the realms of the Paranormal, Supernatural, and Unknown. Prepare yourself with the essential tools found in the Investigators Handbook and the Game Master’s Guide core rule books.

⦿ Experience a comprehensive starting point, ensuring a smooth initiation.

⦿ Equip yourself with an extensive array of tools to enhance your investigations.

⦿ Encounter a roster of Starter Entities, including Legendary entities.

⦿ Engage in introductory pre-built investigations to kickstart your adventure.

Unleash a realm of boundless possibilities with the Beyond the Veil entity compendium, expanding your game to extraordinary heights.

⦿ Immerse yourself in over 120 new entities, enriching your investigations with thrilling encounters.

⦿ Uncover the secrets of 40 new legendary entities, waiting to be discovered and challenged.

⦿ Engage in fresh investigations, designed to test your courage and resilience.

Prepare for unforgettable encounters that will leave a lasting impression.

Capture evidence of chilling Ghouls, embark on a relentless pursuit of the enigmatic Mothman, or unveil the existence of lizard-like beings among us. The Entity Compendium unlocks a world of terrifying possibilities, elevating your ‘Beyond the Veil’ game to unparalleled levels.

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Unleash Your Creativity: Bring to Life Any Character You Can Imagine!

Form part of a crack-team of investigators, poised to explore the realms of the paranormal, supernatural, and unknown.

Embark on thrilling adventures as an intrepid archaeologist, an eccentric physicist, or even embody the essence of a renowned medium from a popular TV show. The choice is yours!

Beyond the Veil offers a vast range of character options, empowering players to craft their ideal investigator. Through a seamless blend of occupations, specialisations, skills, and talents, you can effortlessly bring to life versions of yourself or pay homage to beloved figures from both real life and fiction.

Unleash your imagination and delve into a world where your character choices truly shape the narrative.


The general measure of a character's capabilities, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Character Info
Summary of the character's progress and descriptive preferences.

Granular representation of a character's effectiveness and expertise.

Whether a character believes in the paranormal or attempts to rationalise the evidence presented to them.

A measure of a character's hardiness and overall life-force.

A measure of a character's mental resilience and overall state of mind.

Fear Effects
A record of any longer term effects of fear increase.

Features & Talents
A record of a character's features & talents.

Carried Equipment
The equipment currently upon a character's person.

Equipment Cards
Add the "Beyond the Veil" pack of equipment cards to better organise, keep track and have quick access to related info.

Special abilities the character has gained.

Power Cards
Add the "Beyond the Veil" pack of power cards to better organise, keep track and have quick access to related info.


Unlock the potential of your character’s abilities with the dynamic dice system of Beyond the Veil. Each ability is assigned one of six dice, ranging from d20 to d4, reflecting the character’s level of expertise in that particular area.

As your character progresses through the leveling mechanic, the dice associated with their abilities can be upgraded. This allows your character to reach new heights of proficiency and competence. Additionally, certain talents may grant temporary increases to these dice in specific situations, amplifying your character’s capabilities when it matters most.

The Wrenegade System introduces the concept of dice pools, where a combination of dice is called upon for a specific action. The composition of these dice pools is determined by the ability or skill being utilized. Depending on your character’s proficiency in that particular action, the dice pool may include one or more standard dice. Furthermore, the result of the dice roll may be subject to a modifier, reflecting your character’s competence and mastery in that specific action.

Prepare to unleash your character’s potential as you explore the depths of Beyond the Veil. Navigate the intricacies of the dice system, upgrade your abilities, and strategically assemble dice pools to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. The fate of your character and the success of your investigation rests in the roll of the dice, blending strategy, skill, and a touch of luck in this chilling adventure.


Unlock boundless creative possibilities with Beyond the Veil, a system designed to be completely setting agnostic, granting you the freedom to construct your own unique worlds.

Immerse yourself in a multitude of settings, ranging from a contemporary replication of our own Earth to the dystopian depths of a post-apocalyptic Victorian Era. No boundaries hold you back.

Craft investigations that unfold in your very own hometown, utilising familiar real-life locations to heighten the immersive experience. Alternatively, unleash your imagination as you lead your team into the treacherous depths of a sprawling, abandoned asylum precariously perched on the edge of a cliff.

With our easily adaptable core ruleset at your fingertips, ignite the flames of your imagination and unleash your creative genius upon the game world. Beyond the Veil is your gateway to unparalleled storytelling and limitless exploration.

Wrenegade studios Beyond the Veil game set up

Elevate the excitement and immerse yourself in a world of suspense with an array of captivating game aids. Whether you prefer digital or in-person play, Beyond the Veil plans to provide carefully crafted resources that will transport your investigators into the depths of their own vivid imaginations.

Unleash the power of atmospheric soundtracks, spine-chilling visuals, and immersive props, carefully designed to create tension and anticipation like never before. With these thoughtfully planned assets at your disposal, you can effortlessly guide your team through a gripping journey into the darkest recesses of their minds.

Prepare to captivate your players and bring the game to life in ways that will leave them eagerly anticipating the next adventure. Beyond the Veil is your key to unlocking unforgettable and chilling storytelling experiences.

Embark on a quest to capture tangible evidence of the elusive paranormal, supernatural, and unknown phenomena. But beware, relying solely on eyewitness accounts won’t suffice in proving the reality of the extraordinary events you witness.

To gather convincing evidence, you’ll need cutting-edge technology at your disposal. Prepare yourself with:

  1. Photographic Evidence: Capture the unexplainable through the lens of your camera, freezing moments in time that defy conventional understanding.

  2. Recorded Audio: Amplify your investigation by capturing mysterious sounds, whispers, and eerie voices that may hold vital clues.

  3. Video Footage: Unleash the power of visual documentation, allowing you to unravel the most perplexing occurrences and preserve them for analysis.

Each piece of evidence you collect carries weight and authenticity, providing a fascinating glimpse into the unknown. Your ability to present compelling evidence will be rewarded, boosting your reputation as an accomplished investigator.

Harness the power of technology and immerse yourself in a captivating journey where evidence speaks louder than words. Beyond the Veil awaits, ready to challenge your skills and deepen your understanding of the enigmatic.

‘Beyond the Veil’ is set within a fantasy world but all the equipment we have included within the basic core rule books is grounded in reality. You will be able to take the same equipment that you may take on a real world investigation to help you discover evidence. Prepare yourself to wield a diverse range of equipment categories, including:
  • Lighting
  • Meters & Detectors
  • Imaging
  • Technology
  • Audio
  • Sensors
  • Communication
  • Weapons & Defenses
  • Trigger objects
  • Storage
  • Spiritual
  • Outdoor & Survival
  • Accessories & Mods
  • Consumables
  • Miscellaneous
  • Vehicles & Upgrades
  • Base of operation & Upgrades
Equip yourself with the same tools used in real-world investigations to aid your relentless pursuit of evidence. Explore the vast possibilities and immerse yourself in the world of ‘Beyond the Veil.’

Immerse yourself in the intriguing world of the Supernatural & Paranormal Society (SPS), your gateway to captivating investigations, essential equipment, and a platform to submit your ground-breaking discoveries.

As you embark on your first adventure in “Beyond the Veil,” your character starts off with a smartphone with the SPS application installed.
This application serves as your portal to investigation boards, where thrilling cases await, and the online store, where you can acquire vital resources.

Uncover the mysteries that lie hidden and collect compelling evidence during your investigations. With each piece of evidence you gather, a well-deserved reward awaits you. The SPS recognizes and values your contributions to the exploration of the unknown.

The SPS is not just an organization; it’s your gateway to unparalleled adventures and recognition for your discoveries.

Let’s delve into the mechanics of reputation and discover how it can enhance your experience in investigations.

Reputation serves as a testament to your expertise and experience in the field. As your reputation flourishes, new doors will open before you. Access to intriguing investigations, coveted skills and talents, and greater rewards will become within your reach.

So, how can you elevate your reputation?

Reputation is earned through successful completion of investigations, where your diligent efforts bear fruit. Additionally, the quality of the evidence you capture also contributes to the growth of your reputation. The more compelling and substantial the evidence, the greater the recognition you shall receive.

Now, let’s talk about rewards.

Financial rewards can be acquired through two avenues: payment from grateful clients who appreciate your services, and bonuses bestowed upon you by the esteemed Supernatural & Paranormal Society (SPS). Your dedication and skill will be acknowledged in the form of monetary compensation.

But that’s not all. Beyond monetary rewards, a plethora of item rewards awaits you. Discover rare artifacts and valuable items as you stumble upon them during investigations. Additionally, generous sponsors may bestow upon you exclusive gifts or items as a token of their support and appreciation. As your character progresses and reaches higher levels, the range of potential rewards expands, allowing you to indulge in even greater treasures.

Now that you understand the mechanics of reputation and rewards, unleash your investigative prowess, amass evidence, and let your reputation soar. The world of the supernatural and paranormal eagerly awaits your contributions.

Cryptid Sasquatch


Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey that delves into the enigmatic shadows of the unknown. From encounters with otherworldly beings to primal hunts in the depths of untamed wilderness, Beyond the Veil unveils the mysteries that lurk in the darkness. Be it supernatural phenomena, paranormal activities, or extraterrestrial encounters, assume the role of a fearless group of investigators tasked with unraveling the inexplicable.

With an array of gameplay options, you have the freedom to confront any, or all, of the perplexing threats that lie beyond our comprehension. Additionally, our user-friendly quick-build entity generation system empowers you to effortlessly introduce the horror of the unknown or infamous creatures of myth and legend. Will your players become the hunters, or shall they become the hunted, trapped in a thrilling pursuit of truth and survival?

Embrace the thrill of the unexplained as you venture into the depths of the mysterious. Beyond the Veil offers an unforgettable experience, where every twist and turn uncovers a new layer of intrigue, keeping both players and investigators on the edge of their seats.


A paranormal entity is a term used to describe any type of paranormal phenomenon or being that is believed to exist outside of normal human experience or scientific understanding. This can include ghosts, demons, poltergeists, and other entities that are said to exist in the realm Beyond the Veil.

A supernatural entity is a type of corporeal being that is often associated with folklore, myths, and legends. This can include creatures such as cryptids, which are animals or other beings that are rumored to exist but have not been scientifically proven, as well as other mythical creatures such as dragons, unicorns, and vampires. Unlike paranormal entities, which are often associated with ghosts and other non-corporeal phenomena, supernatural entities are believed to have a physical presence in the world and are often depicted as having unique abilities or powers that set them apart from ordinary animals or humans.

An extraterrestrial entity is a type of entity that is believed to come from beyond our planet or dimension. This can include beings from other planets or dimensions that are thought to exist beyond our understanding or ability to perceive. Some people believe that extraterrestrial entities have visited Earth in the past or continue to do so, and that they may have had an influence on human civilization and development.


Embrace the anticipation and excitement as you delve into the world of meta-gaming with Beyond the Veil, where players traverse through uncannily familiar settings inspired by myths and legends, blurring the line between player knowledge and character knowledge. The stories we’ve heard and the theories we’ve developed can finally be brought to the table, put to the ultimate test against some of the most colossal and enigmatic entities ever encountered.

Becoming adept at facing legendary creatures requires more than mere amateur skills. That’s why the career play style option is available, guiding players through a series of meticulously crafted investigations. Along this journey, they will hone their abilities, gain invaluable experience, and uncover clues that may lead them closer to unraveling a monumental mystery, emerging as true experts in their field.

From the majestic slopes of the Himalayas to the chilling depths of Loch Ness, the team’s investigations will take them on a whirlwind tour around the globe, immersing them in the greatest mystery expedition of all time. Brace yourselves for an adventure that blurs the boundaries of reality and imagination, leaving a lasting impact on both players and characters alike. Beyond the Veil is where the worlds of knowledge and curiosity collide, and the true essence of gaming comes to life.

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